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Have you found your dream home and you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Kidderminster to help you get the very best rates on a mortgage? Perhaps you’re looking to remortgage your home to access some of the available equity or maybe your fixed term mortgage has come to and end and you need someone to help you find the best deals out there at the moment? Whatever your circumstances, My Mortgage Finance Worcester are a leading team of mortgage brokers and mortgage advisors in Kidderminster and are on hand to help you find the best deals.

Independent Advisors

As independent mortgage advisors, we are not tied to any particular lender and, as such, are in a position to offer you what truly is the best deal out there. Many brokers and advisors are tied to a particular financial institution and, as a result of this, are limited to the products which they are able to offer. This, of course, means that they may not have access to the most suitable mortgage for you and that you could end up paying far more than you need to be in interest.

We will search the whole of the market for you to find you a mortgage which best suits your own individual needs, requirements and circumstances. Whether there’s a special deal for current account holders from your bank or a short-time rate offer, we’ll source the best deals for you and ensure the whole process is entirely hassle free. We want you to be in your new home as quickly as possible and by taking the arrangement of your mortgage out of your way, you can concentrate on ensuring everything else runs smoothly and that your dream home becomes a reality.

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